During the course of the year we will be using blogs to share ideas, reflect, and post comments about activities and events we do in class. It is important that you fill out and have your parents sign your permission form and you take the time to read and sign the blogging contract that will be given to you.

To find out what a blog is check out this short informational video. -

Setting Up Your Blog

We will be using Blogger (through the browser and/or through the Blogger App).
Create a google account and do the following:
To create a blog do the following

Create a blog using using your userid as the url ex
e-mail me the url

Once you create a blog e-mail me your address to

Blog 1 - First Impressions - what do you think of social studies, what has been your experience, what do you think of using technology - Due Feb 8
Blog 2 - Does God Exist - personal opinion or read article from big bang site and review - Due Feb 8
Blog 3 - What did you learn from the Geological Time Activities (timeline, videos)? What do you think is the main point I was trying to get you to discover? Due March 1
Blog 4 - How did your presentation go? What did you learn about presentating? How was the process? Who do you think had the best presentation and why? Due May 10
Blog 5 - Please provide some feedback and / or thoughts on the First Nation presentation we had on Tuesday. Due May 10
Blog 6 - What are your thoughts on evaluation? What does a mark mean? What motivates you to learn? What do you take away from the evaluation process?
Blog 7 - PMI of Ancient Rome Vs US Article (worth 10) May 31
Blog 8 - Your thoughts on the Rome RAFTs. Did you enjoy your topic? What did you learn about Rome? Other than your own whose RAFT did you like the best and why. May 31
Blog 9 - Overview of Class - Please give me a detailed blog about your experience in this class. What you liked, didnt like, suggestions ... Please be honest and please takethe time to give good feedback.
(worth 2 times other blogs) June 19
Please take a few moments to do the following survey

Sometimes in class we will dedicate time only to blog or read blogs this timer will help keep us on track.

Student Blog List
You will be sharing your blog with me, other students, and the world.

Period Three

Period Five