Current Events

We will look at current events through out the semester. At times I will ask for a formal break down of the current event and ask you to post it to your blog.

Current Event One - Papal Elections - Due March 15 (a link to the Prezi presented in class regarding Papal elections)

Current Event Reporting

You will use this template to breakdown each current event you look at Copy and Paste this into your blog.
Current Event (Number)
What - What is the article about
Who - Who are the people involved / affected
When - When did this happen
Where - Where did it happen (as much info as you can give and insert a link from google maps where the event took place -
Why - Most important part. Why did you choose this article. What is its impact. Which of the seven social sciences does it most deal with.
Source - copy and paste the link where you got the article from and date it was published

Example Breakdown (here's what I'm looking for)

Current Event 1 - Local Event
What - $5 Million for City Hall Renos
Who - Employees of city hall and taxpayers
When - Feb 7, 2012
Where - Regina, SK City Hall -,-104.615936&spn=0.000866,0.002401&sll=50.47652,-104.603486&sspn=0.006923,0.019205&hq=city+hall&hnear=Regina,+Division+No.+6,+Saskatchewan&t=m&z=19
Why - Doing this because the facility is outdated and missing important safety features. I think this makes sense because last time I was in there it looked 'old''. Also more attractive when business come town and see we are a modern city. The price seems a little high but that seems to be the norm these days. This would definately deal with economics because of the price tag, but also can fall into political science because public money is being spent and needs to be accountable.
Source -

We will be using a variety of sources to do our current events.
1. Leader Post
We will use the online app or go right to the browser.
To access the Leader Post Online Edition use the information below:
Your user name is and your password is newspaper.
To access newspapers from around the world.
To login follow these steps:
1) Go to
2) Click on sign in at the top right hand corner of the page
3) Put in your user name and password
4) Click on the front page of the Leader-Post There is an excellent Online Tutorial that will show you how to use all of the different features of Leader-Post Digital.
Go to and click on the yellow Online Tutorial button on the upper left hand side of the page.
2. CNN