What Is Social Sudies

What's this class about? Well check out the videos and articles that help define what social studies is and why it will be the most important class you will ever take.

What is History Video -

Good video ... still not convienced ... read this

Why Study Social Studies

So we're good ... right .... if time permits check these sites / definitions

What Others Say

OK ... let's break down the disciplines that make up social studies .....

What I Have To Say

Write the following in your notebook, make sure you understand these as you will be tested on these and will be common themes in many of your assignments.

Title - What Makes Up Social Studies
History -
Anthropology -
Geography -
Political Science -
Sociology -
Economics -
Psychology -

Social Studies-

Social Studies Q-Sort
Listen to teacher instuctions and the sort through the social science and what they mean to you. You will go over this as a class and you will be asked to share your thoughts.

Historical Quotes Activity
Read the quotes on this page-
Write down any five and for each one tell why you picked and put it it your own words. You will be required to had this in at end of class with your name on it. (will be 5 marks and part of daily tasks in outline)

What Do You Have To Say
Using Hiaku Deck on the iPads create 9 slide presentation.

Here's what to put on each slide.

Page 1 - Intro Page with Name, Title of Project and Picture of Social Studies Topic of Your Choice (add link to picture source, link where picture is from not google search link) -worth 2 Marks

Page 2 - 8 - Define Each Social Science - Listed Each Page must contain an image that represents that social science, the name of the social science, a definition, and the source information for each picture and/or definition
(link where picture is from not google search link)- worth 4X7=28 Marks (so a page for each of these History - Anthropology - Geography -Political Science -Sociology -Economics -Psychology -)

Page 9 - Create Your Own Definition of Social Studies - must have title, own definition, image(s), with source(s) (link where picture is from not google search link) - 5 marks
Total Marks = /35 (part of course assignment mark in outline)