To understand social studies especially history humans have had to develop and understand the concept of time. We will do a few activities that will hopefully put Time in perspective for you!

Big Bang Theory Assignment Due Monday

Part 1
Go to http://www.big-bang-theory.com/ and answer these questions:
1) About how long ago did the big bang take place?
2) What is a black hole?
3) Does the universe continue to expand?
4) Was there really a big bang?
5) What light elements seem to support the Big Bang Theory?

Can write down answers on paper (will try to move away from this) or e-mail (will be creating google accounts soon) me the answers at d.vendramin@rcsd.ca.

Time Keeps On Slippin’ Assignment Due Tuesday

Before we start to make our way through history, we need to get an understanding of time and how humans keep track of events that have happened throughout time. Read, watch, and listen to the following websites and answer the questions below. Once you finish this document post it in you Time section of your wiki and e-mail me your answers. Will be tested on the information below at a later date. Enjoy your time!

1) What is the current calendar most of the world uses / accepts? Explain who made it and why this is accepted.

2) What is a leap year?

3) List three other types of calendars used and how they set up their calendar (ex. Lunar).

4) What is BC?

5) What is BCE?

6) What is AD?

7) What is CE?

8) What is MYA?

9) According to the timeline site how many periods of when are there and list time (over 20 and two pages on site).

10) What is an eon, epoch, era, and age?

11) List three ancient calendars

12) List two ancient clocks and how they worked.

13) What are time zones?

14) What is the prime meridian?

15) If it’s 10:00 AM in Regina, what time is it in Toronto? London? Moscow? Tokyo? Hawaii?

16) What is Daylight Saving Time? Do we use this in Saskatchewan?

17) Is there a year zero?

18) Are we starting a new decade in 2010 or 2011?

19) What is linear time?

20) What is cyclical time?

21) What's on thing about time that you would like to know?

Resources (there may be a couple of answers outside these sites but for the most part all the answers can be found at the sites below)










Can write down answers on paper (will try to move away from this) or e-mail (will be creating google accounts soon) me the answers at d.vendramin@rcsd.ca.

Will be quizzed on these questions.

Social Time Quiz

Here' the preview of the quiz on social studies and time. If you did all the question, the keynote, and listened in class you will be fine. Feb 26

social time.pdf

Time Travelers

To cover a vast amount of the earth's history (geological time), we are going to do a series of activities that hopefully will engage you and help you understand how we got to where we are today. You will get in groups of three to do the work but the work must appear on each members wiki.
Part 1 - Creating a Timeline (22) Using the iPad and the Scanner App go in the hallway and scan the codes (sign in and save your history). Use the information to create the timelineusing the Timeline Eons App (Title, Date (with time), Description) Choose this year as the amount of time in your time line Add an event for each QR code you scanned. Here's a sample of what is expected - http://www.dipity.com/vendi55/Geological-Time-2/

Part 2 - Finding Images (11) Please find an image for the following events (not in order of when it happened); Earth Formed World War II Origin of Life (first cells) First Modern Man (home sapiens) End of Dinosaurs First Mammals First Multi-celled organisms First Fish Oldest human like ancestor (homid) First Dinosaurs First Land Animals

Part 3 - Geological Time Playlist (15) Watch this you tube playlist I created http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFBFD364D936FD7A4 Can also watch on you tube app do a search for oneillcinemania go to playlists and choose the geological history playlist (5 videos) Remember you can go back and watch these on own time if you need to. In your wiki, go to your time tab/page and list 10 points you learned, 3 questions that entered your mind about the geological time from watching the videos, and a 1 sentence describing what the point of watching these videos was (each student must do this).

Our Story in 2 Minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMyfIgZDwRg

Quote For four-fifths of our history, our planet was populated by pond scum.

Understanding Evolution

Part One - Family Tree
  1. Using the Devolve Me App, take a Picture of yourself at each stage of evolution.
  2. Using Photo Booth, take a picture of you now.
  3. Using Doodle Buddy, take a full body shot of yourself and make 5 changes to your appearance (smaller eyes, bigger ears, that kind of stuff)
  4. Using Keynote, import all six pictures to create an evolution slideshow. For each picture from the Devolve Me App add the stage of evolution and the year that that stage took place. For the picture of yourself add the information Homo Sapien Sapiens and the word current. For the picture you changed into a future stage make your own name for that stage (ex. Futuricus Intelligus) and the time 100,000 years from now.
  5. When you are done share your Keynote to showbie for the class you are in as a pdf.
Theresa's presentation.pdf
Theresa's presentation.pdf

Theresa's presentation.pdf
Theresa's presentation.pdf

2 Intro Slide 1 2
6 pictures 1 2 3 4 5 6
5 Stage/Time 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Future Person 1 2 3 4 5 6

Part 2 - Becoming Human
Do this web quest ...