Ancient Civilization Project
To study ancient civilizations you will be creating a Time Travel Agency (in a group of 3 or 4 of your choosing) and try to convince the rest of your peers you have the most interesting and advance civilization to visit. There are three parts to the assignment:
1. Research Paper - Like any good travel agent you need to know what you are talking about some a comprehensive formal paper on your civilization must be done first (more details to follow).
2. Developing A Time Travel Pitch - Now that you know what you are talking about, it's time to unleash your knowledge and creativity and put together a pitch that will want everybody to come check out all your civilization has to offer. Using web 2.0 tools such as prezi, google earth, glogster, google search stories, wix and more, creating an infomercial with scenes from your civilization, and developing a script for your pitch ... you will wow and amaze your peers and hopefully you will be able to teach them a thing or two.
3. Pitching your Civilization - you will have to put it all together and present in front of your peers.
Some people fear public speaking more than death, but with the excellent presentation you will have and the excellent people you will be presenting to it will all be good.
Which civilization will become this year's most popular tourist destination.
There will be a few things to learn along the way but stay tuned for geocaching action and a few days playing the game civilization revolution. Let's do this!!!
Your civilizations are: Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Chinese, Persia, Indian (present day India), Greece (one group must do) and Cree (one group must do).
Civilizations cannot be duplicated and are awarded on a first come first serve basis. You are picking own groups, be sure you can work in that group (friends not always best choice), will be lots of individual work as part of this and credit will be given to those who do the work only.

Check Out the Entire Ancient Civilization Project in iTunes U - available on iPads or iPhone or iPod only

Part One - Research Paper - Due March 22, 2013

Paper Outline -

Paper Checklist -

How to Create A Group Google Doc

Jot Notes / Paraphrasing Tips

Sample Paragraph

Outline for Cover Page and Fact Sheet, Sample Bibliography


This link shows you how to create footnotes (MLA style)


This site shows you how to create a bibliography (MLA style)
Can use to create a bibliography (will need to sign up to save work and can add it to paper when done.

Essay Writing:

Below are great websites and graphic organizers to organize your information while researching. Also attached, are templates and graphic organizers to keep you on track while writing your paper and to make it easier for you. We can print these off for you to fill out while you do your research if you want.
Research Information Organizer- This link will take you to a page where you can record your information. It also has a section to input the information needed for footnoting and your bibliography. Paragraph Organizer- This "sandwich" template shows you the parts of a properly written paragraph, which you will need throughout your paper. Essay Template- Please note that this example is for a 5 Paragraph Essay, your essay will need to be more than 5 paragraphs if you are following the format we have given you in the first link. Detailed Essay Template- This template gives you an idea of the purpose of each of the paragraphs. It also explains in more detail, how to write a proper essay. Essay Writing- Online Fill In- This link takes you to a quick an essay way to write a 5 paragraph essay; it is a good link to see what information you need in each paragraph but for this assignment you will need more than 5 paragraphs.

General Resources

Videos Websites

Ancient Civilization Paper Rubric

Geocaching Activity - Each group must select and print off an 'artifact' that best represents each section (social science - should have 6 pics) of their civilization. Worth 12 Marks Due April 12

Part Two Ancient Civilization Time Travel Agency

Mandatory Media
Time Travel Infomercial Must create an infomercial / newscast on your civ
Script -
(footage will be made available on macs in 214 for editing)
Google Earth Must use Google Earth to show where your civilization was (can use iPad for General Overview but Google Earth on laptop has more options)
My Histro create a timeline of 10 significant events from your civilization

Media Tools to Use

Media Presentations: Examples of Media Tools to use in your Presentation

Web 2.0
Create a Comic Book
Phrase Translator
Google Search Stories - Google Search Stories How to use Google Search Stories -
Blabberize - Blabberize How to Blabberize -
Prezi - Prezi- You will need to make an account to use Prezi but it is very simple and we are sure you will use it in the future. How to Prezi -
Xtranormal - Xtranormal- Animation Creator- You will also need to make an accouint for this site but it is simple to use and can be used as a creative tool in any presentation. How to Use Xtranormal - Mr. Evenson's Xtranormal Introduction - HERE
Glogster - How to use Glogster-
Wix - How to use Wix -
Create your own Jeopary Game!
Youtube - can also make mashups on youtube
Blogster - create a blog about your civ
Minecraft - create a representation of something from your civ
Other (please show me if you have other ideas)

Check out for some ideas/resources and a way to present a timeline of your civ

Stop Motion - can make small stop motion
Explain Everything - create own videos explaining something about you civ
Haiku Deck - create a nice slide show of pictures and text from you civ
iMovie - create trailer hiliting civ
Garage Band - make podcast of civ
Comic Life - make graphic novel of civ info
Pic Collage or Phoster - make meme about civ
Socrative - make a quiz
Timeline App - info and make timeline of your civ

'Non' Technical
Why we should use different tools to make our presentations pop -

Presentation Checklist (must print out and sign before doing presentation)


Period 2

Period 5


Multiple Choice Questions Each group must submit via email 5 multiple choice questions (also indicate corrected answer) that students should be able to answer following your presentation. Example Which warriors protected the Chinese emperor? A. Aztec Warriors B. Inca Warriors C. Sumo Warriors D. Terra Cotta Warriors Correct answer D Due April 12

Multiple Choice Test Questions and Answers -
May 2

Part Three Ancient Civilization Time Travel Agency Presentation

Ancient Civilization Presenation Rubric

Ancient Civilization Self Evaluation Rubric

Ancient Civilization Group Evaluation Rubric

Ancient Civilization Locations
Ancient Civilization Locations.kmz
Ancient Civilization Locations.kmz

Ancient Civilization Locations.kmz

Where in the world is this? Ancient Civilizations
Open an email, type Ancient Civilizations as your title, then on the next line put your name, and then type the numbers 1 through 10 on the left hand side. Using the links below, view each area, type which civilization you think lived in the location shown on the corresponding number and e-mail me the answers when you are done.
One map for each civilization
(Cree, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Persia, Greece)
7. 8. 9. 10.

Civilization - The Game
As a wrap up to our look at civilizations, we will be playing Civilization Revolution on the iPad. It covers many concepts we discussed in class. As you play you need to fill out the following worksheet and hand it in at the end.

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